Chapron Meeting 2020

France (Champagne)


Several registers have been created over the years. With the collaboration and agreement of Richard Reinders (Netherland) and Martin Kraut (Germany) I will continue together with Michel Coenen (Cabriolet & Chapron coördinator of Netherland) to maintain the Chapron-register. Once registered, we will be able to invite you to our annual "Chapron-WE". It is my intention to as acurate a database as possible and to share with you the statistics.

The names of the owners will be kept confidential. If other data is missing, the statistics are divided in "production year", "chassisnumber" and "country".

The members of the board committee are frequently asked to provide cars for occasions like weddings, films, pictures for albums or other activities. Any such request will be sent to the appropriate Citroën owner found in the register.

If you wish as a owner of an Citroën ID/DS décapotable or Chapron to be registered (free) in the "International Register of Original Citroën ID/DS décapotable & Chapron" just fill in the registration form and submit it or send it to Vincent De Potter, Oude Houtlei 142, B-9000 Gent, Belgium (

Once registered I will send you a registration card with the details of your cabriolet.

Just take a look to the statistics of the cabriolet de série and Chapron. The statistics are regularly updated (02/2020) ! Thank you very much for your contribution.



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New Hélenca tissue has been made by Jörg Daniel Schmickl of the DS Club Austria. More information here.

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